Enjoy the natural taste of our roasted pork shoulder traditionally prepared without water injection.

This deeply rooted product in our region is made from the white pork forelegs. We follow the traditional process of salting and massaging to absorb the spices. We produce it for cooking or already cooked, as you prefer!

Haven’t you already tasted it with roasted peppers? What are you waiting for?


On the counter

  • +- 4,5Kg | Artisan | Shelf life 75 days
  • +- 2,5Kg | Shelf life 75 days

Self service

  • +-400g. | Pork shoulder in pieces | Shelf life 4 months
  • +- 1 Kg | Cured Pork shoulder | Shelf life 4 months
  • +-150g. |Sliced | Shelf life 2 months