Enjoy every thin slice of our cured pork loin marinated with paprika de la Vera.

Close your eyes and let the Pajariel lomo melt in your mouth. You will find a delicate flavour and a very soft texture. At the end, it will bring a smile to your face. This is the effect of being a Pajariel. Besides, it is highly appreciated among people following a low-fat diet because it is the leanest part of the pork. That is to say, you enjoy eating without regrets. And how much more could you ask?

We choose high quality pieces from white pork. They are marinated in a mixture of paprika, salt and garlic to be later stuffed into casings. Finally, they are cured for around ninety days.


On the counter

  • +-3 Kg | Shelf life 4 Months (natural casing)
  • +-1,5Kg | Shelf life 4 Months (natural casing 1/2)
  • +-1,2Kg | Shelf life 4 Months (1/2)

Self service

  • 100g. | Shelf life 4 Months
  • 100g. | Shelf life 4 Months (With waves)