Since 1945, we produce high quality meat delicatessen characterised by the unique flavour provided by the tradition and know-how of our region.

A place to enjoy tradition

El Bierzo has always been a region with a long tradition in the elaboration of charcuterie, which has been part of our gastronomy since ancient times. Currently, those methods still remain present in products such as cecina, botillo or chorizo.

Our essence

Embutidos Pajariel is a family owned company present in the market since 1945. We are specialised in the production of high quality and traditional cold meats. Nowadays, the company has two production premises with the most advanced techniques and modern systems of quality management. These new technology and our high qualified team provide us all the requirements to succeed in the current market.

Our history

  • 1945
    Our Company started out as a small family business devoted to the production of meat products, named “The Berciana”.
  • 1969
    With the sales increase of our products all over the region, we set up our new factory in Ponferrada, at the mountainside of “El Pajariel”. Our brand is named after this mount.
  • 1985
    DIBISA, a new project for the distribution of products from El Bierzo starts nationwide. Subsidiaries are created in Madrid, Catalonia, Galicia and Balearic Islands.
  • 1995
    We start our exporting activities with the creation of COBIEX. We currently export to most of the European Union countries.
  • 2006
    According to the market trends, we decide to invest in the self-service market with the creation of our slicing and packaging facilities.
  • 2007
    Due to the involvement of all our departments in the constant improvement of the production process, we obtain the highest level of the BRC and IFS certification. This guaranties food safety and high quality management.
  • 2011
    A new production site is set up in San Roman de Bembibre (a town also located in El Bierzo) which makes us reach 10 000 square meters. This new facility triples our production capacity.
  • 2016
    We keep working in order to grow and become one of the leading companies in the market. For this reason, we have begun a new expansion project that will add 650 m2 to surface of our facilities, expanding our productive capacity into 6 new drying rooms.
  • Today
    These new technology premises and our high qualified team provide to EMBUTIDOS PAJARIEL all the requirements to succeed in the current market.

Looking ahead

We use traditional methods to make our products. Nevertheless, the company’s know-how consists of combining tradition and technology. All the manufacturing processes are made in automated chains where the staff hardly ever comes in contact with the products. Those chains are computerized and assure a strict quality control which are endorsed by the international certification systems BRC and IFS.