In Embutidos Pajariel, we use state-of-the-art technology in the development of traditional products from Spain, where high production capacity and market competitiveness make us one of the leaders among the processed meat companies in Spain.

We make constant investments in the improvement and innovation of our production processes. Our development and research department has allowed us to incorporate products as slicing in olive oil or our wide selection of tapas.

Moreover, the production of gluten and lactose free cold meats in all the products of the catalogue has been an important step. We never stop researching to contribute to the current market with new products which get close to the consumers’ needs.




In 1995, we got into international commerce with COBIEX, a company from our group in charge of our export department.

Since then, we transmit our philosophy of offering quality products to countries like France, United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Portugal or Finland, among others.

Currently, COBIEX has two main goals: on the one hand, continuing growing every year in the countries where we are already present and on the other one, keep expanding our borders.




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